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As Delaware Senior Photographers, we're often asked why having senior portraits taken is so important. It’s a great question and one that deserves a thorough answer. Whether you are a high school senior or the parent of one, you should know the value of having professional senior portraits taken. Let's explore why having senior portraits taken by Delaware Senior Photographer; Shutter & Snap Photography is an essential part of the high school and college experience.

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Senior Year Is A Huge Milestone

It marks the end of your high-school(or college) journey and the start of a new chapter. Whether you’re going to college, entering the workforce, or taking time off, this time of transition is momentous and deserves to be documented. Hiring a Delaware Senior Photographer is the perfect way to capture the spirit of your senior year in beautiful, professional photos. From graduation pictures to informal beach shoots, a talented photographer will help you create lifelong memories of this special time.

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You'll Want To Remember This Time Forever

It’s your senior year! Whether you’re just starting out or about to graduate, this is a major milestone in your life that you’ll want to remember forever.. Senior portraits are the perfect way to capture this special time and reflect on it for years to come. Each individual’s senior year is unique, and so should their senior portraits be. From school sports to activities and what they want to do after school or college, a professional photographer can work with you to capture these moments creatively and showcase who you are. No matter what your interests or passions may be, Delaware senior photographer; Shutter & Snap Photography can bring them to life in your senior photos. 

So don’t let this special time pass without capturing it. With a professional photographer, your senior portraits will reflect your style and personality in the best possible way. Years from now, when you look back at your pictures, you’ll be glad you had them taken professionally. You won't have to worry about awkward angles, harsh lighting, poor image quality or blurry backgrounds; your professional Delaware senior photographer takes care of all of those details. Instead, you'll have beautiful prints to treasure forever that capture exactly how amazing you looked during this important moment of your life. Furthermore, many photographers offer multiple poses, locations, props and backgrounds to ensure you get exactly the kind of picture you wanted. This gives you the freedom to customize your portrait experience as much as you'd like. Lastly, as an experienced Delaware senior photographer can provide guidance throughout the session if you're feeling nervous or need help finding poses that make you feel confident and natural. All of these reasons make choosing an experienced senior portrait photographer well worth the investment.

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Senior Portraits Are All About You

This is your chance to express yourself and capture your style and personality. A Delaware Senior Photographer will work with you to create the perfect portrait that reflects your personality and captures this exciting moment in your life. Whether you’re looking for something traditional or more modern, a Delaware Senior Photographer will help you create the look that best suits you. You can choose props, poses, and settings that will make your portrait truly unique and personal. Whether you are into fashion, sports, music, or the arts, let your Delaware Senior Photographer know and they can design a session that will reflect your passions. By creating a portrait that is true to you, you’ll have something to look back on that captures who you are right now and remember this moment in time.

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We want you to look your best

As a senior, you want your senior photography experience to be memorable and reflect who you are. That's why hiring a senior photographer is such a great idea. With their professional knowledge and experience, a senior photographer will be able to capture the most flattering angles and poses that flatter your body type, giving you the best results possible. They will also bring out the best in you by doing what you love - from your favorite sports or activities to simply posing in a gorgeous outdoor setting - and highlighting it in your photos. With their creative eye, a senior photographer will make sure you look your best in your senior portraits and ensure that they capture the true essence of who you are.

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You'll be glad you did!

When you look back on your college or high school years, you'll be so glad you had your senior portraits taken by a Delaware Senior Photographer. Having those photos will bring back all the wonderful memories from that time. You'll be able to look at them and feel proud of who you were and what you accomplished. Plus, you'll have tangible evidence of your accomplishments that you can share with future generations. Documenting this time in your life is such an important thing to do, and having professional photos taken by a Delaware Senior Photographer is the best way to make sure you have something to look back on fondly!

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What Should I Wear To My Senior Photography Session?

This is a really good question! For senior portraits we suggest neutral colors with no patterns. That will ensure the focus is on you and not the outfit. You can't go wrong with white, beige or black. However, if you have a very bright personality, wearing loud colors such as pink, yellow, orange etc can definitely work well for your senior portraits.

What Happens During A Senior Photography Session?

We will arrive on site before your senior photography session. We will look at the location and what the light looks like so we can prepare the most amazing senior portrait experience for you. Once you and anyone you bring with you arrive, we will start by just chatting it up with you, with no cameras out. That helps us connect on a personal level aside from being photographers. We will look at the outfits and discuss poses in regards to the lighting and location for your senior photography session. We will take pictures in two or more outfits, including cap and gown depending on which collection has been purchased.

What Should I Bring To My Senior Photography Session?

There a lot of different things you can bring to personalize your senior portraits and memorize this special time in your life. Things we can include in your senior photography photos are:

- A Special Vehicle Or Your Own Car
- Ballons
- Bottle Of Wine (College Only)
- Confetti (Biodegradable Only)
- Four Legged Furry Friends
- Keepsakes Or Family Heirlooms
- Accessories Such As Books Or A Letterman Jacket
- Musical Instruments
And Many More

Should I Have Multiple Outfits For Senior Portraits

For your senior portraits, we recommend doing two different looks along with the cap and gown. This way you can have your fun outfit and also a second outfit as a more dressy and refined look. It will also create a more dynamic gallery with more senior pictures as well. Also if you do sports or any other activities you will want to include them as well. If we are doing a senior portrait highlight video we will be sure to capture both outfits on video as well.

Will These Senior Portraits Go Into The Yearbook?

Most schools through-out Delaware are contracted by Life-touch, or Legacy Studios (Life-touch). They only allow senior portraits they have taken to be included in the yearbook. However, our senior portrait sessions are tailored completely to you.

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Like what you see? Send us a message and lets get planning your senior photography session! Senior photography highlight films are an add-on to your senior photography session. Investment begins at $395, while most clients invest $595 and up.

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Find out if we're available as your Delaware senior photographer: Email us text, or call 302.290.4644

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