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Shannon and Daniel's engagement session in Annapolis was absolutely stunning! Annapolis Wedding Photographer, Shutter & Snap Photography, captured the beauty and emotion of their special day perfectly. The couple was surrounded by romantic scenery and were so in love in front of the camera. Every photo was filled with love and joy. From the cobblestone streets of downtown to the historic red brick, and gorgeous museum, these photos truly showcase the beauty of Annapolis.

How they met:

Love can happen anywhere and for Shannon and Daniel, it all started at Camp Wabanna in Edgewater, MD. Both were counselors at the summer camp, and it wasn't long before they clicked. As fate would have it, they continued to attend the same church after camp, and their friendship blossomed into a beautiful romance. Fast forward to their engagement, and they decided to have their session in the stunning city of Annapolis with the talented Annapolis wedding photographer; Shutter & Snap Photography. Their love story is one for the books! On November 8th, 2022, Shannon and Daniel began their courtship. For them, a perfect evening involves a picnic at the park, with a side of pleasant conversation about whatever might come up. They love picnics and coffee at cafe's. When not one on one, Shannon has a distinguished ministry background, singing in the family gospel group The Itzel's. Daniel, a home improvement expert, loves hiking in national parks and exploring other unfamiliar destinations.

The Proposal:

Shannon and Daniel's love story began long before their stunning engagement session in Annapolis. They met several years ago through mutual friends, and their connection was undeniable from the start. Fast forward to a beautiful day at Wakefield park, and Dan had something special planned.

As they walked up a hill, Shannon noticed a picnic blanket set up with flowers and candles. Before she knew it, Dan was down on one knee asking for her hand in marriage. Overwhelmed with joy and emotion, the couple took a few minutes to take in what just happened before heading off to their favorite restaurant, Olorden's.

After a lovely lunch, they excitedly shared the news with both of their families. It was a perfect day filled with love and happiness, and it set the tone for their beautiful journey ahead.

The Engagement Session:

As an Annapolis wedding photographer, I knew instantly the natural light was going to be gorgeous. For Shannon and Daniel's engagement session, we took advantage of all the wonderful spots this historic town has to offer.

We met at a coffee shop; Old Fox Books & Coffee. Amazed by its character, we made our way outside and began exploring. From the stunning red brick buildings to the narrow streets lined with trees, every corner of Annapolis seemed to be the perfect backdrop for Shannon and Daniel's love story.

We stopped by a courtyard where the light was just perfect, and then we headed to McDowell Hall where we were able to capture some beautiful moments with a grand piano. Shannon and Daniel were so in love, it made my job as a photographer a true joy.

But one of the most memorable moments was when we handed the camera to Shannon and Daniel so they could take photos of each other. It was so much fun to see them in their element, giggling and laughing while snapping photos of their future spouse.

Overall, Shannon and Daniel's engagement session in Annapolis was one for the books. I can't wait to capture their love again on their wedding day!

Final words:

As their Annapolis wedding photographer, we are thrilled to be a part of Shannon and Daniel's special day. With their engagement session behind us, we can't help but anticipate all the beautiful moments that will unfold during their wedding. From the emotional exchange of vows to the joyous celebration with loved ones, we'll be there to capture it all. It's an honor to witness the joining of two families, and we're excited to preserve these precious memories for years to come. Shannon and Daniel's love story is just beginning, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for this amazing couple.

With love,

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Annapolis Wedding Photographer | Shutter & Snap Photography