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Welcome to Janelle + Jon's love story at Difabios Catering Spring Valley. We met Janelle and Jon through Jon's mom. Jon's Mom, Michele worked with Lauren for many years at a law office and they instantly clicked. When Janelle became pregnant with Greyson, Michele asked us to take his newborn photos. Ever since then we've been photographing Janelle, Jon, and of course baby Greyson.

When we arrived to photograph Greyson and Jon getting ready, Greyson was sleeping and Jon was covered in sweat. Lauren jokingly asked "those nerves got ya?" to which Jon replied "I'm great now! You see we tore this house apart last night because Janelle lost her engagement ring. And wouldn't you know, I've just found it and she doesn't know. So I'm going to wear it on my pinky finger and then surprise her at the first look." Jon was so proud of himself and to be honest, it reminded me of Lauren and I. We are a team and things always work out no matter what the odds are. I thought it was super sweet that he made sure he was going to wear it and surprise Janelle with it. By the time Mom and Dad came, Greyson was ready and Jon was in the middle of putting the finishing touches on himself.

After taking pictures of Jon, Greyson and his parents getting ready, and obligatory family photos out front we headed to Difabios Catering at Spring Valley where we would meet Janelle who was ready and anxious for her first look with Jon!

Jon shows Janelle he's found the ring!

After that touching moment we decided to take some bridal portraits around Difabios Catering in Spring Valley and then went into details where there was a wonderful cake provided by Kia's Cakes and wonderful centerpieces. Janelle + Jon said their "I do's" in surrounded by their closest family members and a unique fireplace at Difabios Catering in Spring Valley. It was a wonderful evening. Everyone had a terrific time, the catering and service by Difabios was great. After dinner and cake was cut, Janelle and Jon celebrated with their guests and everyone had a blast dancing the night away with music provided by Castle's In The Sky. We hope you enjoyed Janelle + Jon's love story as much as enjoyed photographing and being a part of their special day!

A special Thank You to the amazing vendors we had the opportunity of working with

Venue: Difabios Catering at Spring Vallery

Caterer: Difabios Catering

Hair & Makeup: Kenny "Kendoll" Hargan

Bakery: Kia's Cakes

DJ: Castles In The Sky

Officiant: Rev. Hayduk

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