Delaware princess by day, mom and partner in the evening. That's some big shoes to fill. Alecia reached out to us about doing some fitness portraits, because she wanted some images taken, and that's what she's most comfortable in. You see, being a princess party character is great and all. But when you wear dresses all day, sometimes you just want to wear something a little more comfortable. Also, when Alecia isn't doing her princess gig or taking care of her family, she really enjoys crossfit!

Fit girl in the park showing off glutes
Fit girl working out doing pushups

The heat and humidity was insane on this warm summer Tuesday, but we got it done. The running joke was that Alecia never skips leg day haha. Alecia owns a up and coming Delaware princess company based out of Dover called Forever Happpily Ever After Parties. You'll find that not only does she have princess characters, but others as well like Spiderman. I really like how she has actresses/actors that are POC to authentically represent the character that is being portrayed. Also, Alecia strives to make her Delaware princess company different by connecting with you. Her company is unique as it focuses on crafts and activities to build even strong authentic connections between the character and the children her company has been hired to entertain. 

Delaware Photography sessions like this are what got me into photography in the first place. I love to empower women and lift them up. Are you looking to have Delaware headshots or portraits taken? Maybe photos for your brand? We can help with all of that. We also are able to implement SEO as well if that's something you're interested in head over to the contact us page and let us know how we can help you!

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