I want to give a big shoutout to Carolyn and the team over at Sew Classy Royal Events. We've worked with them for quite some time from photo shoots, to covering events and even hiring them for our youngest. Every performer has been top notch from the very beginning. Every interaction has been a fantastic one. If you've been following Sew Classy, they've been doing private parties for quite a long time. It seems like every year, they get bigger and bigger. Carolyn has such a knack for craft and client experience. She loves what she does! She's a princess at her very core. I remember the first time meeting her at this location when she met my Mia for the very first time. She's really gifted when it comes to princessing(is that a word? if not, it is now). The cast that she hires have a heart of gold just like she does. Every interaction with Sew Classy Royal Events even from the beginning has been complete fantastic.

This year, Carolyn announced that her team were scaling back on private parties, and doing more large scale events. This makes me so happy as a fellow small business owner, but also as a friend. I've watched her and her husband Dan build this business up. It's really been such a blessing to watch and do what god has designed her to do. I strongly encourage you and your family to attend one of her large scale events. It's unlike anything else.

Casita Sister at Marian Coffin Gardens
Casita Cousin at Marian Coffin Gardens
Casita Girl at Marian Coffin Gardens

It was so much fun hanging out with the Casita Familia during this session with Sew Classy Royal Events. They are kicking off their first event at The Chesapeake Inn on July 12th. You can find the ticket link here! We hope to see you there!

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Casita Familia At Marian Coffin Gardens