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I'm not sure about you guys, but we put our Christmas Tree up before thanksgiving. We decided this year we were going to do things a little different. At our house, we are all a little bit extra when it comes to Christmas spirit. The turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and baked Mac & Cheese are gone from thanksgiving and now we can fully celebrate Christmas, and yesterday we did just that: Family Photography Christmas photos with a Red Truck

We've been using Cozy Quarter farms for our Red Truck Christmas photos for some time. We also don't do them every year as we don't want to do the same things over and over. So we try to do Red Truck Christmas photos every other year. Cozy Quarter farms rents out the space for the Red Truck to many different Delaware family photographers in this area. We all have our own family photography styles which make the photos really unique. This year, the team at Cozy Quarter Farm allowed us to not only get inside the red truck, but they also included a tractor with lights as well that they added to the setup. This is the perfect setup for family photography, but also for couples photos, and just general portraits here in Delaware. To be absolutely honest, the team at Cozy Quarter farm knows exactly what they are doing because the space where they put the Red Truck is the ideal space for lighting throughout the entire day. So whether you're a natural light family photographer or if you take portraits utilizing flash you can create really stunning images.

Cozy Quarter farms is also a working farm where they have farm fresh eggs for sale, they have riding lessons, birthday parties, and all other sorts of activities on-site. They also offer full farm experiences where you can learn to tend to the farm animals, paint a horse, and even collects real eggs from chickens! The team at Cozy Quarter farm was so nice and incredibly accommodating at our short stay. They showed us the best hospitality. Pam even helped with small children helping them smile, and provided a small heater in the event anyone got too cold during our Red Truck Christmas photos. We really had a great time during our stay at Cozy Quarter farms and look forward to returning this spring with your youngest Mia for pony rides and the full farm experience

We hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed taking them. Merry Christmas from your favorite Delaware family photographer: Shutter & Snap

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