Mariah's sweet 16 at The Chesapeake Inn was what dreams are made of. What if I told you that you could have an upscale formal tea party, and have it at The Chesapeake Inn!? That's what this party was. Mariah's closest family and friends gathered for her formal birthday celebration. We started with the details and then we went to the cake table where there was cake, cookies, and my favorite; cake-pops that were all provided by Bings Bakery. Katie and the entire catering staff at The Chesapeake Inn were amazing as well!

We awaited Mariah's arrival to the Chesapeake Inn with Grandma & Dad. Once she arrived in the luxurious black Cadillac Escalade, Dad opened the door for Mariah and helped her up the stairs to the Inn, where her closest family & friends were waiting for her. I loved how cute all the women young ladies looked in their vintage dresses, the bonnets too! After the greetings, they played several rounds of bingo, and a really fun game of "Who knows Mariah best". Mom was such a wonderful host. She kept the guests entertained and engaged. After that, we took Mariah out on the dock at The Chesapeake Inn for some formal photos of her. This queen didn't need any posing direction. She was so fresh and showed off for the camera! Afterwards, we took the mandatory family photos and finally we ended the celebration by posing with none other than the Cadillac Escalade out front of The Chesapeake Inn.

Happy Birthday Mariah! We were so honored to be apart of your wonderful celebration!

With love,

Shutter & Snap

Mariah posing with a Cadillac Escalade at The Chesapeake Inn