I've known Amy for quite some time. We even went to high-school together at Delcastle Vo-Tech! She's been coming to us regularly for various portrait sessions, and when she told me she had a love interest, I was pretty stoked. I could tell, she had a way about her that was different. The way she formed her words, the way she stood tall when she walked, a big difference from the old Amy I've seen for some time. She made it a point to introduce Alex and I through social media "in the event he WAS planning something". I don't think she knew though, because Alex did a great job at making sure nothing was out of the ordinary. He told her to always have her hair and nails done and he'd even pay for it! What a guy!

Here we have a bench, its a glorious bench isn't it? Well this is the bench where Alex was supposed to propose on. While Amy and Alex were at Nora Lees waiting for their dinner, I was hiding in the trees and bushes trying to be all secretive. But there was a drunk guy who sat down on the bench before they arrived. Alex realizing what time it was, told Amy they had to pack up their dinner just as it came out and they had to go!

Surprise, Surprise! Amy said yes! But also, she had her own ring for Alex which I thought was super sweet! Afterwards we walked back towards Nora Lees because that was where Amy + Alex had their first date so we had to get some pictures there and around Historic Newcastle, but first we had some amazing skies with the water.

After making a pit stop to take some portraits with this gorgeous landscape at Battery Park, we headed back into Historic Newcastle to finish up the evening with more laughs, giggles and what Amy & Alex call being "gross" LOL!

To finish out the evening, we took portraits around Historic Newcastle and took a few in the middle of the road too!

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