Bridal Suite at Evergreen Farms

Before I begin, I want give a thank you to Jon Lloyd of Thin Line Studios for allowing me to be the lead photographer for this wedding. Jon was the videographer for the wedding, and all images in this blog post were photographed for Thin Line Studios. Jaclyn and Zach are an adorable couple. Very low key and go with the flow. I had no idea how great Evergreen Farms was until this wonderful wedding. The love that they share is touching. When we arrived on site Jaclyn was getting ready in Evergreen Farms' bridal suite, and Zach was getting ready in the groom's suite. Jon's second photographer, Aundrea was photographing the guys getting ready, so we'll just focus on the bridal suite at Evergreen Farms.

The bridal suite at Evergreen Farms in Dover, Delaware was really spacious! After Jaclyn finished getting ready, we did a few photo ops and also it was gift time :)

There's so much love in these images! I was honored to be a part of Jaclyn & Zach's day. After the gifts and all the accompanying hugs, we headed out to the beautiful rustic barn at Evergreen Farms. Most of the guests had arrived by this time and were ready to see Jaclyn in her wonderful dress! But first can we just talk about how beautiful the waterfall is!?

Evergreen Farms Waterfall

You may now kiss your bride

After Jaclyn + Zach made it official with their wonderful ceremony and family formals, we went exploring the grounds at Evergreen Farms for the bridal portraits. Check out how beautiful the grounds are. This is one of my favorite places I've ever taken Delaware wedding portraits. The barn is really nice and spacious but this is one of the places I feel like Evergreen Farms shines above the rest. The landscape is kept up well, and there are numerous places you could take bridal photos, and we did just that!

After we did allllll the photo ops, Jaclyn + Zach headed to the reception at the Evergreen Farms Barn where they would be introduced for the first time as a married couple. Complete with the dances and toasts afterwards.

Once the formal dances and speeches finished up, dinner was served and then we had the cutting of the cake. Cake cutting is always interesting. Some couples like to be sweet with each other. Jaclyn + Zach? They had a blast! I'm gonna just come out and say it; Jaclyn won lol! After the cake exchange, it was golden hour and our couple wanted to do more photos on the grounds of Evergreen Farms.

Jaclyn + Zach at Evergreen Farms

With the wedding day coming to a close, we went back in to the Evergreen Farms Barn to finish out the evening ending with the bouquet toss. Special thanks again to Jon Lloyd of Thin Line Studios for having me lead the photography while he did video for this couple's beautiful wedding. If you are looking for an amazing wedding venue, look no further than Evergreen Farms! The grounds are amazing, and the staff was exceptional as well.

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