Five questions to ask your wedding photographer

Wedding photography is an investment! You want to make sure that when you are looking for wedding photographer that they have a style you love, but also that you mesh well on the day of. Whether it's how they do things or their personal style, no two wedding photographers are the same. We've put together this post to help you in your journey in finding the right wedding photographer for you!

What's your style?

Some photographers specialize in posed portraits, while others prefer to document the day as it happens. To make things more confusing, some wedding photographers prefer to do the bright and airy look, while others are true to life colors, and others are dark and moody. The wedding photographer you pick absolutely matters here, because their images will be how you remember your day. Remember, there's no right or wrong answer here. It's more about how you envision your wedding photography portraits to look.

Associate shot for Alli McGrath Photography

What are your packages and what is included?

Photographers all have different business models and products they offer. We offer and specialize in metal heirlooms, while other wedding photographers may do canvases or photo books. Is your wedding an intimate ceremony, or a large scale production? Some photographers have a minimum amount of hours required for booking and others have a maximum amount of hours. Are there any addons, or a la carte items that they offer? Are there any mileage costs that are associated with your photography coverage? How many photographers are included? These are all wonderful things to ask, so you can be sure your needs can be met on your big day!

Do you have a backup plan?

A wedding day is a one time event that can't be repeated, and let's be honest here: Wedding photography equipment fails. Cameras fail, memory cards fail, you fall in some mud, things happen. What is your backup plan for your images? Do they use cameras with dual card slots? Do they backup to an offsite location? At Shutter & Snap, we encourage wedding photographers to shoot with camera's that have dual card slots, so in the event of a memory card failure, there is a backup in the camera. We also encourage wedding photographers to backup to the cloud after backing up to their main computer at an offsite location in the event something happens. I will even bring backups of clothes in the event that something happens on the wedding day lol!

Second shot for Christopher Ginn Photography

Have you seen the venue? If not, do you have plans to?

Every wedding photography venue is different! Some weddings are outside, and some are indoors. Some are in large conference rooms, and some are in barns! The lighting from the wedding venue can complicate things sometimes. Is your wedding photographer confident in being able to produce quality work inside these spaces? Make sure they are confident before booking them. Your wedding photography images are special and how you will remember the day, and you want to love these images for years to come!

Do you offer an engagement session?

Wedding engagement sessions are fun! It's a chance for you and your partner to have some alone time, and also a chance to meet with your wedding photographer and get a feel for their flow and style. Engagement sessions are super important for us. We love being able to connect with our couples before the wedding to continue building rapport, so that we aren't strangers in the "getting ready" areas. We will be at your side your entire day, so we also want to make sure we vibe well together!

We hope you found this information helpful in your search for a wedding photographer. If you are still in your search we would love to be considered! Get in touch with us here. We can't wait to hear all about the details of your wedding day!

With love,

Shutter & Snap