How adorable is Abby + Chandler at Marian Coffin Gardens!? Fun fact: When we first arrived at Marian Coffin Gardens it was absolutely packed, and with good reason. It is one of the most popular locations to photograph in Newcastle County, Delaware. There also happened to be witches in the area. Not just a couple, there was like 15 of them all over. So we just toured the grounds, and kept shooting without staying in one spot for too long! Marian Coffin Gardens has loads of character. From the flowers, to the fountain, large gate doors, and the winding steps that go up we explored all that Marian Coffin Gardens has to offer! Abby + Chandler were not disappointed at all. We seen one of my photographer friends Bob Baylis of Dreamscape Studios working with his senior client too!

We started with just walking and holding hands. Abby warmed up quickly to the idea of a photoshoot and she was all about it. Even though it was the first time she ever had a photoshoot done, much less at Marian Coffin Gardens.

After using the flowers at Marian Coffin Gardens, we decided to take to the staircase. We had all kinds of fun here. I am absolutely *obsessed* the way Abby + Chandler look at each other!

After having all kinds of fun at Marian Coffin Gardens Abby, Chandler, and I headed to The Goodstay Gardens across the street where we took all kinds of cute photos during sunset and of a cute little fountain. We also even took impromptu headshots for Abby & Chandler. Abby exclaimed that she couldn't have headshots done in that cute outfit, to which I responded "give me ten seconds, watch this" haha. Abby + Chandler will be getting married at Thousand Acre Farm in October, 2023 and we couldn't be more honored to be a part of their special day!

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