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You remember it like its yesterday. One day you're a proud new parent, and the next? They're heading off to prom. That's how it was for me anyways. Being a senior photographer, and photographing high-school seniors and college seniors, you know as a parent how important the moment is. Your child(ren) may not fully understand it yet themselves. Along with being a senior photographer, many times your children don't want to be photographed. I guess they're just so used to having a camera around they don't like being photographed all the time haha. With that being said, this was different. My first born Kayla asked me if we could take her prom photos with her date Ian. She expressed she wanted it to be a planned photoshoot instead of just taking phone camera photos on the night of prom. As we went through the planning of the prom photos, she really liked the experience, and being a senior photographer I found value in the experience as well. That's what prompted this post. If you're heading to prom, its a special event. You get all dressed up with your date or your friends, and make a fashion statement. It's such a big deal, that we have Nine reasons why you should hire a Maryland senior photographer for your prom photos!

The location won't be packed with everyone going to prom

Let's face it, everyone has a phone with a camera. Usually on the night of prom, everyone has this idea to get together with their date and/or their friends and it feels like that everyone else from prom has the same idea. So the location is crowded, and there's lots of people waiting for you and your group to get finished with prom photos. The expressions aren't natural, and not to mention looking at 10 different peoples phone cameras. Also, if you or your date get anxious around a bunch of people this can make cause someone to feel very uncomfortable quickly. When your schedule and plan your prom photos with an established Maryland senior photographer, you will have the location all to yourself and the planning allows for the photographer to get the best angles with the best lighting possible.

You can re-schedule your prom photos if it rains

This is a big one because on the day of prom, no matter how much we would like we can't control the weather. And sometimes it rains. You don't want to have to scramble at the very last minute for a place to take prom photos that is indoors and looks nice. In-fact at the time of writing this blog post, it is supposed to rain tomorrow and it is Kayla & Ian's prom, so we are very glad to have captured these prom photos already.

If something doesn't fit, you can make changes

There's a saying that goes perfect practice makes perfect. Having a prom photo session with a Maryland senior photographer is like practice so on the day of prom, everything will be perfect! Maybe your dress is a little too tight or maybe his tie doesn't match you quite like he thought. It's also possible his slacks are too loose or too tight! When you have a Maryland senior photographer take your prom photos, you're acting as if its the day of and if something isn't just right, you can make changes and have prom be as perfect as you thought it would be, without stress.

You can have a trial run of your hair & makeup

Piggybacking off of the last reason, ladies, this is so important! I didn't understand this until we photographed weddings. You need to have a trial run of your hair and makeup. While I understand this isn't a wedding, you want to look your best at prom so you can show out! If for some reason you aren't happy with your hair and makeup you have time to change it. Maybe you thought you could do it, but you really want mom to do it you can see what your hair and makeup will look like before the day. Most often times, everything is wonderful and when doing your prom photo session with your Maryland senior photographer you will look your best, and in turn you will feel your best. You can't photoshop out a bad expression. So go ahead, do the trial and make sure you're feelin' yourself!

If your date has a tie, they can figure out at the session and not at prom

Many guys, especially younger ones don't know how to tie a tie. And that's normal. I can't tell you how long I struggled with it until I found this one link on You-tube. Even then, I had to watch it step by step over and over again until I get it right. You can rest assured that your Maryland senior photographer can help with tying a tie at the prom photo session. And once the tie is tied, it's done. So your date will not have the added stress on the day of prom to get it perfect.

You won't be pressed for time for prom photos and you can relax

I remember when I took Kayla & Ian's homecoming photos. It wasn't a big deal however it was very rushed. After the homecoming photos, Kayla made a good point. It was rushed and everyone was just starting at whoever was having their photo taken. You just wanted to get it over with and move on with the day. This is why she said she wanted an actual photoshoot with a Maryland senior photographer. She wanted to be herself and not feel like it was rushed. She wanted her date to relax and she wanted to relax herself. As you see in the above photo, we made great memories at this photo session. I'm a huge believer in candid moments and these you can't get if you don't plan to have your prom photos taken with a Maryland senior photographer.

You can be creative with your prom photos

Creative photos with a Maryland senior photographer are different than run of the mill smartphone photos. Creative photos tell a story, create depth and give context of the moment. From using various different backgrounds, lenses, angles, locations + scenery are all great ideas you can use to implement creativity in your prom photos with your senior photographer. If you have a vision, make sure you let them know what you want to see and let them tell you how they can bring your idea to life.

You can enjoy prom without being pressed for photos

Prom is a big deal. And if there's one thing I've learned about being a Maryland senior photographer, is there's a time and place for everything. Doing a photoshoot on the day of prom not only complicates things, but also raises stress levels for everyone involved. When I go to an event for my kids or an important event, I always put my phone away because I want to be present. I don't want to be looking at a screen trying to take a photo or video. When you have your planned prom photos with a Maryland senior photographer, you can do just that. Be present, in the moment

You can post the prom photos on the way to prom

How amazing would it be to post swoon-worthy photos of you all done up with your hair and makeup done, looking like a total boss with everything so perfect with amazing photos by your Maryland senior photographer and you just have them ready in your phone to post on the way to prom. No stress, no mess. You can just relax and everyone can tell you how amazing you look, and the photos are stunning! They just can't even!

Enjoy the gallery below to find more of Kayla & Ian's stunning prom photos!

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