Sew Classy Royal Events Presents: Star Knights

That sounds good right? I mean to be honest, I had a thrilling story about how the Sew Classy Star Knights came and took over Newark, Delaware. After-all as a blogger that's what we're supposed to do. Write stories and engage the audience. Today though, I want to do something a little different. I want to pay homage to my friend and fellow small business owner Carolyn Peck of Sew Classy Royal Events. It seems like just yesterday she found us on Instagram and slid into the DM's as the kids say now. She exclaimed "Hey love your work! Was wondering if you'd be interested in possibly collaborating together. Princess & Me sessions?". Lauren and I were blown away. Wow someone else likes our work(admittedly it was in our early days). I remember when I first met Carolyn myself. Still to this day I feel like she's the real deal princess. In a world where there is so much negativity, Carolyn is just magic. I know as an adult that can come off as a little odd, but if you've ever met her in person you would understand exactly what I mean.

When we met though, we just clicked. I was very new in my own photography journey as Lauren started before I did. At the time the only humans I ever photographed were my own kids. I remember being super nervous and asking Carolyn if I could photograph her as a princess. If she could do all the posing, I'd do all the shooting. Having a stutter and being extremely introverted this seemed like such a difficult ask. But luckily, she obliged. And was extremely kind about it.

Carolyn is no stranger to posing, she was a princess in Disneyland after all! The session turned out great and our creative energies blended extremely well together. We went on to have numerous photoshoots over the years. What started off as me offering free photo shoots for her, she started actually hiring me to take pictures for her brand, with cold hard cash! Amazing! She's always been my go to model aside from my youngest daughter Mia. She's up for any adventure, any weather condition, and always willing to go with my crazy ideas. If it means bringing multiple strobe lights on location she was there for it. When I expressed interest in getting into weddings, Carolyn and her husband Daniel posed for us in a mock wedding photoshoot. Looking back, our work has grown exponentially, as has Carolyn's business Sew Classy Royal Events.

We've watched Carolyn grow. I remember her telling us years ago she didn't know how long this princess thing was gonna go for. We told her "you keep going!" Sew Classy Royal Events has done many events for our youngest daughter Mia, which a few weeks ago was the Wonder Woman cosplay. Every year, her company grows leaps and bounds. In a world where its hard to find good people to work she casts incredible actors and actresses of various ethnicities to play the characters. Every single interaction from every person in her team is top notch. They always are respectful, knowledgeable, and 100 percent authentic to the character they are playing, always. Sew Classy Royal Events is a entertainment company yes, but what also makes the company unique is the Carolyn creates upwards of 95 percent of the pieces herself. From the wigs to the dresses they are all handmade!

In fact, up until recently it was Sew Classy Princess Parties. Carolyn started doing large scale events with the Wilmington & Western Railroad and then she really took off. Doing events in Perryville, MD and even at the Blue Rocks stadium. During the pandemic things were hard on most businesses especially small businesses. I remember Carolyn doing virtual parties to spread her joy to households across the Tri-State area. I really admire her work ethic.

I never thought I'd be here writing a blog post about how Sew Classy Royal Events newest theme is Star Knights but here we are! Please join me in congratulating Carolyn Peck for all of her success, and as a woman owned business!

Without further delay we present to you: Sew Classy Royal Events: Star Knights

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