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Yesterday we met the most fun couple. Good vibe energy, amazing sense of humor, super friendly with elegance. That's how you can describe Samantha + Oscar. Samantha is from Long Island while Oscar is from Philadelphia. They met online while Sam was here for grad school. When we were planning the location for the engagement session, we wanted to start in Fairmount Park as there are many different locations for photos including Waterworks. When asked about Race Street Pier, Samantha was so excited. We personally have never been to Race Street Pier, but it looked scenic online and Samantha confirmed it was a popular spot for wedding and engagement photos around Philadelphia.

We began taking photos in the back of the art museum, then headed over to waterworks. While on the way to Race Street Pier, we went back through Fairmount park, and caught some lovely sun-flares into our photos. We didn't know Race Street Pier was such a popular spot. We seen all types of photographers there during our session with Samantha and Oscar. In fact, in order to get the shot with the Ben Franklin Bridge as the background we asked two young folks to move for 30 seconds. They said sure and asked for a free photo. Turns out they're rappers and wanted it for their Instagram. We're not mad at it, sometimes you have to shoot your shot haha! After that. We utilized our dramatic lighting on Race Street Pier for some iconic images with the Ben Franklin Bridge in the background. These images are some of the best we've ever taken and we're glad we were able to do them with Samantha + Oscar. The whole session was filled with laughs and a good time. Even if we had to insist to Sam that marriage was about trust and she had to trust Oscar wouldn't drop her when he dipped her!

We had so much fun with Samantha + Oscar, that we headed across the street to Fringe Bar for some cocktails and some killer cheese curds. These cheese curds are to die for and have amazing fire roasted sauce for dipping. If you know Steve, you know he loves fire roasted tomatoes in anything that involves tomatoes. Sam and Oscar will be tying the knot in winter of 2025. Please join us in congratulating them on their engagement!

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Race Street Pier | Philadelphia Engagement Photos